Wednesday, February 4, 2015



Now this varies a lot form my usual posts so bare with…

For those of you living in the UK - or interested in Politics you will know that there is less than 100 days to the general election. In fact there are 88 to be precise. 88. 88 that’s it! So that said its time to replace those to-do list top spots with 'Register to Vote'.
Now for those of you who are over eighteen and this isn't your first time voting may think that actually you are already registered but your wrong! The electoral system has changed so come 7th of May when its time to decide who will run your country for the next 4 years you may not be able to have you say.  

The new system means that you have to register yourself, replacing the old system where a family member could register the whole clan in one go!
In order to make sure you can cast that all-important vote make your way over to 
Enter your details and National insurance number (crap where did I put that damn card...) and in minutes you will be ready to make the most important decision of the year! It’s really that easy. 

With the election so close and some political leaders raving about crazy ideas its now or never for this country, if you care about issues such as public funding, Gender equality and the NHS, voting will be the most important thing you will do in the next four years. Make the Right decision before you cant! 

The deadline for registering is the 20th of April and will come around before you know it, after all that little bit of paper will change your life forever…


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Drinks a Flowing

As some of you will know my search for a job failed. Badly. So off I went and enrolled myself in a graduate scheme business course. Our Social Media project has led us to collaboratively write this blog post. Given free reign of our topic, naturally as four girls we chose the infamous London cocktail week.

Every year, London’s 200 most iconic, unique and fabulous bars ‘throw open their doors’ to participate in: London Cocktail Week. This year, from the 6th to the 12th of October, London was buzzing with potential partygoers, looking to enjoy a few drinks. Wristbands were purchased for a very affordable £15 providing access to the nations most bespoke and exclusive bars. For the more academically inclined, back to back seminars drew links between politics, history and cocktails, even explaining how the classic G + T originated from a simple scientific vaccine for Malaria.

Our vibrant Vestal Voyage
The Disco Vestell is the world’s first fully legal floating distillery specializing in premium quality vodka. We boarded the boat at 21:15 at the Granary Sq Towpath behind Kings Cross, and were greeted by our quirky host for the night, Captain Pat. Immediately we were handed a very strong but delicious Dark and Stormy, made by our excitable on-board Polish barman.  Things were looking up!  Before docking again we enjoyed personalised cocktails and a great view of London from our moving canal barge, including going through Islington Tunnel and along the canal (well worth the £15 ticket). An hour later we disembarked having thoroughly enjoyed our unique experience and were keen to explore what similar things are out there.

The rise of the unique drinking experience…
Following our evening spent with Captain Pat, we came to realise the growing desire for the “different”, “quirky” and “original”, as well as the increasing interest in unique bars and cocktail events. People are drawn to the idea of speakeasy bars, different settings  in which to sip their cocktail and maybe even the opportunity to doodle on the table or have a game of Ping-Pong between drinks.
Our evening spent on a canal boat got us thinking about the rise of Speakeasy bars around the country. Originating in 1920s America, Speakeasies were places to sip on illegal alcohol during prohibition. By nature they remain mysterious and exciting watering holes for cocktail drinkers today, where access must be granted at the door and the bar often entered through a concealed entrance.
Few people would say no to an exotic and delicious drink in an unusual setting, and we believe that people often now seek this  ‘whole experience’ idea when they go out for drinks.
We particularly have in mind a place that any of us are yet to experience but have been eyeing up for a while - Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town. Guests can choose from a range of well-constructed cocktails once they have entered through the SMEG fridge situated in the Spitalfields’ Breakfast Club!
If you cross the country to Bristol you will find a similar setup. Situated between two shops a small, red-lit, graffiti covered doorway is in fact the entrance to the bar, Red Light. Drinkers gain entrance by picking up the payphone and calling for a stern-faced barman to allow them in to quench their thirst with a tasty mixture of flavours.

These unique experiences have a secretive and exciting air about them. Drinkers not only report back to their friends on the tasty, innovative pick-me-ups they indulged in, but the whole exciting evening they spent there. Our trip with Vestal Voyages on The Disco Vestell was a similar affair and there is so much more to discover out there. We suggest you get drinking and encourage everyone to try one for themselves!

If you fancy shaking up your own scrumptious cocktails, check out the recipes below:

Dark and Stormy Cocktail
The Dark and Stormy cocktail was created by the Gosling Brothers the owners of Gosling Limited since 1806.
2ounces Dark Rum (preferably Goslings Black Seal)
3 ounces Ginger Beer (preferably Barrits Ginger Beer)
½ ounce Lime Juice
Combine the rum (the dark), ginger beer (the stormy) and lime juice in a large glass full of ice.
The ratios will depend on what brands you use, and how strong you like it!

Strawberry Daiquiri
Daiquiri is a family of cocktails whose main ingredients include rum, lime and a sweetener. It is believed to of been invented by American mining engineer Jennings Cox in Cuba during the Spanish-American war.
4 Fresh Strawberry’s, plus ½ a strawberry to garnish
2 Tsp. White Sugar
35 ml/1 ½ fl oz. White Rum
1 Tbsp. Strawberry Liqueur
25 ml/1 fl oz. Lime Juice
Place the strawberries, sugar, rum, strawberry liqueur and lime juice into the bottom part of a cocktail shaker and mash with the end of a rolling pin.
Place the lid on top of the cocktail shaker and shake well.
Once shaken strain into a large glass and garnish with half a strawberry

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wish Want...Cant afford!

It’s been a ridiculously long time since I last posted...
Far too long. But the wait was worth it. Worth it for this.
The Chanel Graffiti Backpack. If Backpacks where made in heaven they would be this, designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, the bag if the perfect mix of grunge, style and fashion excellence... except for the price tag... coming in at a beautiful £3000+ for the simplest version (no one likes simple). 
So if anyone loves me enough, send one my way! 
Have a look at them all your selves (Greys my favorite)

Love xxx

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


A couple of weekends ago some good friends and me went up to visit my brother at his new university in Edinburgh. Despite it being cold it was such a nice weekend. I was coming from Nottingham so picked up a friend who is studying in Leeds on my way. The others had the easy journey from London so all hoped on a train from there. We were greeted will hellos and hugs when we finally got to Edinburgh (How is it possible to be in the Midlands, so half way there, but it still take less time for the people coming from London!). First Port of call... Food! And not just any old food would do it had to be burgers. Having done the research we tootled off to a great little burger joint called Hollyrood 9a. Burgers galore. After studying the never-ending menu we all order our separate burgers with the brave opting to share a haggis one as extra. Each burger came with chips and coleslaw, all placed on a wooden board and served to you by a young lively Scottish girl. All the food was great, except the haggis. I can proudly say that will be the first and last time I will ever eat haggis. Sorry to any Scottish people out there, but I just don’t get it. It’s kind of gross.
After having our fill of burgers and on the boys part beers, we decided that this was as good of a time as any to brave the mess that was going to be my brothers room and halls. 
WOW. I thought my halls weren’t that bad but his. What greeted us as we opened his room was apart from the pile of dirty washing and unmade bed a flat screen tv, a working telephone and a king size bed! Talk about slumming it! He even has a cleaning lad who come in and does everything for him except washing. Hmmm. Luxury.
After mumming his room and doing some tidying we all decided that we should get some rest before our big night out.
For our big night be decided to hit up one of apparently Edinburgh’s best cubs and one of my bros and his friends favorites places to go Opal Lounge.
What we planed was going to be our crazy night out turned more into watching the people of Edinburgh go crazy! All in all we had a great night and stumbled home in the early morning having encountered some incredible Scottish people. 
Before all heading in our separate directions we went for a big roast at The Dome restaurant, anyone looking for a extravagant setting to have a great roast for good money head here! With the huge flower arrangements and chandeliers it is truly spectacular
I love weekends away they always end up feeling way longer than just a couple of days, this one was especially great cause I got to see the bro too which is a bonus!
Now all we have to do is start planning where to go next!
Love xxx 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Long Time No Blog

WOW. Weeks, months and even seasons have changed since my last blog entry. What happened?!? I just don't know! 
Anyhow now that that is done with we can get to the interesting stuff. 
I have decided to change the format for this blog post so you can really see what pictures go with what writing! We have a LOT to get through! 

Last time we spoke I was just starting my summer and was about to board a flight to one of my favorite places on earth, MALLORCA. 7 weeks of sun, fun, friends! What more can a girl want? I love going to Mallorca and every year struggle to come back home to reality and normally the rain! And this year was especially hard! Lazy days filled with sun bathing, days out on the sea and always laughing. It’s hard to let go of when the time comes. 

In the middle of my trip to Mallorca we had a little break for one reason or the other. My brother and Dad are avid hunters so jumped at the weeklong break to go shooting in Austria. The girls in the family where less keen on this idea and so decided that this was the perfect opportunity to get some well earned cleansing for our bodies. 
Off to the SHA Wellness and health spa it was. Now I will be the first to openly say healthy eating to the extreme and exercise are not my cup of tea to say the least! But since we where in the middle of it all and well I could definitely do with a healthy lifestyle injection I jumped into it fully! And you know what... I was wrong! It was actually thoroughly enjoyable and I have never felt better! Most days started with a healthy breakfast (Small! All the food portions where tiny!) before your first spa treatment. Each day you pretty much went from the spa to the sun lounger, gym and meal times. Not a bad way to spend a day really. All the food was macrobiotic which took some getting used too and with every meal came a interesting selection of tea.... mmmm. 

Next Stop PARIS! My smarty-pants sister managed to bag herself a 1st class honors from Oxford university and so as a surprise her adorable boyfriend took her to Paris to stay in her dream hotel. Hotel Costs. And what good friends would we be if we didn't tag a long? We packed our bags and our best surprise shouts and off to Paris we went! I love Paris and all it has to offer! (Besides the language. I speak no French. None.) The weather was unbelievable that weekend! We spent the majority of the time walking around with cups of coffee and croissants taking in the sights and the weather.

After Paris life returned back to normal, I had to get ready for Uni one last time (WHAT?!) and prepare for the change of seasons. Bye summer hello autumn. Dark nights and cold days! Yay. 
Still, a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about...
Love xxx