Wednesday, February 4, 2015



Now this varies a lot form my usual posts so bare with…

For those of you living in the UK - or interested in Politics you will know that there is less than 100 days to the general election. In fact there are 88 to be precise. 88. 88 that’s it! So that said its time to replace those to-do list top spots with 'Register to Vote'.
Now for those of you who are over eighteen and this isn't your first time voting may think that actually you are already registered but your wrong! The electoral system has changed so come 7th of May when its time to decide who will run your country for the next 4 years you may not be able to have you say.  

The new system means that you have to register yourself, replacing the old system where a family member could register the whole clan in one go!
In order to make sure you can cast that all-important vote make your way over to 
Enter your details and National insurance number (crap where did I put that damn card...) and in minutes you will be ready to make the most important decision of the year! It’s really that easy. 

With the election so close and some political leaders raving about crazy ideas its now or never for this country, if you care about issues such as public funding, Gender equality and the NHS, voting will be the most important thing you will do in the next four years. Make the Right decision before you cant! 

The deadline for registering is the 20th of April and will come around before you know it, after all that little bit of paper will change your life forever…


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