Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This year instead of making a resolution I knew I wasn't gonna keep I decided this year was gonna be my year I was finally gonna get fit and shape up.
3 Months in... its harder than I thought. The exercise I don't mind. In fact I actually quite enjoy it, it gives me more energy, I feel better after every time I do it. The food on the other hand? Now thats HARD.
Living with 5 other people who eat what they want when they want is really hard. Its also not a unknown fact that I love CARBS. I could eat them everyday all day, without fail. And when your trying to tone up carbs are not what you want to eat!
Perseverance and will power play a huge role. As well as this I have also learnt that no one is perfect and slip ups... well they are just inevitable.
Just be strong.
Love xx

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