Wednesday, March 13, 2013


TWO WEEKS! That is it. WTF... Where has my entire term gone?! wow. I am loving the prospect of the Easter holidays but the end of term is whipping my ass. Its like the whole university has got together and decided that to just let us leave would be mean and to easy.. so we have to earn it! 
I have 3 deadlines all in for the same week. And no motivation to finish them. Me and my housemate dragged ourselves to the library to "get something done" with not much success today.
Whenever I go to the Library with the aim to spend a long time I have to have: 
1. Sparkling Water. I has more of i kick that plain water but with 0 calories! Winning! 
2. Orange Juice. Sometimes water just wont do, and this new Tropicana has half the sugar and calories than normal juice! 
3. Cashew Nuts. A great little snack when water and juice wont cut it and you have reached your limit. 
4. Headphones. No matter how silent a library is meant to be. They aint! headphone allow you to control what goes into your ears and more me aids my concentration.
To all of you who are going through the same thing GOOD LUCK! Ill see you on the other side! 
Love xxx

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