Sunday, March 31, 2013


As some of you readers will know I leave to go on holiday today! woohooo
AFRICA here I come. When it comes to flying however there are some things that I just can't board a plane without. 
1. Face cream. I love the Bobbie Brown Hydrating face cream, it gives your skin all the moisture it needs while not making you look greasy, and it soaks right in! 
2. Eye shades. Especially if flying at night. No matter how low they dip the cabin lights, nothing beats complete darkness. I love this silk one which I got from the white company. 
3. Ear Plugs. There is nothing as annoying as a crying baby or airplane buzzes when you are trying to get some shut eye. I use The silicone wax ear plugs from boots cause I find they give you the best coverage. 
4. Layers! I don't know why but I ALWAYS get cold on planes! An extra hoddie, scarf and socks are always useful. My cashmere socks from the white company are my weakness along with a light cotton scarf, I am obsessed with the Alexander McQueen dragons and birds scarf at the moment, but my bank account would not forgive me if I gave in to temptation. I never leave for the Airport with out my oversized grey Nike hoddie, the perfect thing to put on when the air con is blasting. 
5. Last but not least. Sunglasses! if you are gonna be landing somewhere sunny or not, sunglasses are so useful! they an hide your tired eyes from the harsh airport light of just add something else to your flying outfit! I am obsessed with my new Elizabeth and James cat eye sunglasses. 
Love xxx

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