Wednesday, July 24, 2013


TWO MONTHS! How has two months gone by since I last posted? 
Wow time flies....Since my last post so much has happened! I finished my second year of uni! YAY!  but with finishing Uni came leaving my house and my housemates! 
I have Loved living with them all this year and cant believe I wont be doing it again next year! *sob sob sob* 
I went on holiday to Barcelona, saw friends, started work experience and welcomed a new future king! 
Lets start with Barcelona. It was incredible! so much history and art in one city! me and one of my closet uni friends took a 4 day trip tot he spanish city and filled our every minute with sun, booze and culture. I can not describe to you how beautiful  the city is, everywhere you look everything is by a different architect! The Gaudi that over runs the city is spectacular! Everyone its a must see! 
After my little mini break I started work! 
I am entering my last week at a production company in London. I have loved the month that I spent at work and am so grateful for the opportunity I was given. 
Once I finish work.... ITS OFF ON HOLIDAY I GO! I am SO excited to get out there and have already started my holiday preparations, there is a surprising amount that needs to be done before I leave the country for 5 Weeks! 

Love xxx

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