Sunday, November 3, 2013

Long Time No Blog

WOW. Weeks, months and even seasons have changed since my last blog entry. What happened?!? I just don't know! 
Anyhow now that that is done with we can get to the interesting stuff. 
I have decided to change the format for this blog post so you can really see what pictures go with what writing! We have a LOT to get through! 

Last time we spoke I was just starting my summer and was about to board a flight to one of my favorite places on earth, MALLORCA. 7 weeks of sun, fun, friends! What more can a girl want? I love going to Mallorca and every year struggle to come back home to reality and normally the rain! And this year was especially hard! Lazy days filled with sun bathing, days out on the sea and always laughing. It’s hard to let go of when the time comes. 

In the middle of my trip to Mallorca we had a little break for one reason or the other. My brother and Dad are avid hunters so jumped at the weeklong break to go shooting in Austria. The girls in the family where less keen on this idea and so decided that this was the perfect opportunity to get some well earned cleansing for our bodies. 
Off to the SHA Wellness and health spa it was. Now I will be the first to openly say healthy eating to the extreme and exercise are not my cup of tea to say the least! But since we where in the middle of it all and well I could definitely do with a healthy lifestyle injection I jumped into it fully! And you know what... I was wrong! It was actually thoroughly enjoyable and I have never felt better! Most days started with a healthy breakfast (Small! All the food portions where tiny!) before your first spa treatment. Each day you pretty much went from the spa to the sun lounger, gym and meal times. Not a bad way to spend a day really. All the food was macrobiotic which took some getting used too and with every meal came a interesting selection of tea.... mmmm. 

Next Stop PARIS! My smarty-pants sister managed to bag herself a 1st class honors from Oxford university and so as a surprise her adorable boyfriend took her to Paris to stay in her dream hotel. Hotel Costs. And what good friends would we be if we didn't tag a long? We packed our bags and our best surprise shouts and off to Paris we went! I love Paris and all it has to offer! (Besides the language. I speak no French. None.) The weather was unbelievable that weekend! We spent the majority of the time walking around with cups of coffee and croissants taking in the sights and the weather.

After Paris life returned back to normal, I had to get ready for Uni one last time (WHAT?!) and prepare for the change of seasons. Bye summer hello autumn. Dark nights and cold days! Yay. 
Still, a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about...
Love xxx

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